Leave the ripped t-shirts to the professional rock-n-rollers. “One more bug bite, and I’m going to Hulk out.  Do something, Human.”  Save the day and avoid another ripped t-shirt with Boot-a-Pest! Flea & Tick Treatments.  We said “LOL, no thanks” to harmful chemicals and pesticides, and instead opted for an all natural blend of essential oils.  Our super effective Boot-a-Pest! repels fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.  And tantrums of epic proportions.


Boot-a-Pest! Collar for Cats

Boot-a-Pest! Squeeze On Repellant for Cats

Boot-a-Pest! Repellant Spray

Boot-a-Pest! Repellant Shampoo

Boot-a-Pest! Repellant Tag



are those crop circles in our backyard?

Not sure exactly when it started, but, not too long ago, people started putting things in cat food that have no business being there. Like grains and fillers and teeny tiny cyborgs programmed to play the maracas on command. Suddenly, finding high quality cat food was about as easy as spotting the Loch Ness monster or inviting a pack of unicorns over for a basement ping-pong tournament. So when we made Nude Food™, we included whole, deboned cod and real fruits + vegetables. No, no, grains, you’re not invited to this party. Our unicorns will show you to the door. Learn more about NUDE FOOD cat kibble here.
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