packtastic_cat_littersupafresh™ cat litter

100% natural pine cat litter

any fresher and we’d end up in the principal’s office. Not even the most dubious cat can withstand the beckoning power of supafresh. It feels so amazing your cat may think it’s a trap, but fear not, this is glorious cobble pine. Cats love the pine clumping litter because it’s 100% natural, without any synthetics, clay or overly zealous neighborhood dogs inside of it. You, Human, will also love it because “superior odor control” is right at the top of supafresh’s resume. No weird odors to content with. No messy litter trail to clean up. Just a  bizarrely happy cat looking tidy and clean. And maybe  a slightly suspicious cat staring at him incredulously. (Don’t worry. We’ll win him over, too.)

11 lbs

  • instant clumping
  • superior odor control
  • longer lasting than 41lbs of clay litter
  • low dust, no tracking
  • free of fragrance, chemicals + silica
  • eco-friendly pine
  • feels glorious for cat approval
  • single or multi-cat



100% Pine*
*All the 100% natural clumping pine used in this bag was sourced from sustainable forestry management certified sawmills or timber from sustainable forestry management projects.



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directions for use

To get started, mix 1/3 Only Natural Pet Pine Cobble with your current litter so that your cat can adjust to the change. Once your cat is comfortable with the adjustment, go to 2/3 Only Natural Pet Pine Cobble with 1/3 your current litter. Continue reducing the amount of old litter included until your cat fully accepts the pine cobble litter.

After full transition, place 2-3 inches of Only Natural Pet Pine Cobble Litter in a clean litter box. After your cat has used the litter box, remove any clumps and solids. For best results, clean daily, always maintaining 2-3 inches of litter in the box. Add fresh litter as needed.

Biodegradable & Flushable

For overall water quality and wildlife safety, some states consider litter flushing to be illegal. Be sure to consult the laws of your state.


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