Loyalty_web_pageFEEL  THE  LOVE

Get yourself some super sweet “I and love and you” swag and feel (and wear) the love. Fur Real.

Here’s whatchu get.
Purchase “I and love and you” food, treats, supplements + remedies and save the product UPC/proof of purchase for “I and love and you” merchandise. You can start collecting all our cool swag after just one purchase*. AMAZING! BANANAS!
*see point values below

Product Points

  • Treats (incl. cow ears) = 1 point
  • Small Bag of Food (all cat food, 1.5 raw, 5lb dog kibble, 13lb dog kibble) = 2 points
  • Chews + Supplements = 3 points
  • Large Bag (5.5 raw, 23lb kibble) = 4 points
  • Sorry, CANS are excluded

Don’t worry, we did the math for you.

  1. Collect the Total Points needed for your desired prize
  2. Fill out the form below
  3. Print and complete the “Feel the Love” PDF. Make sure you are on a computer with Adobe Acrobat and are hooked up to a printer.
  4. Use the form to tally up your UPC points
  5. Print ALL PAGES of the form
  6. Place the form and all product UPCs in an envelope and mail to:

“I and love and you”
c/o Feel the Love
PO BOX 20628
Boulder, CO 80308-3628
Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.
All wearables are unisex. Merchandise designs and styles shown are subject to change.

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