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Ear Candy

Ear Candy™ comes from free range Brazilian cattle (Heyyy, São Paulo!) that are grass fed and raised without the use of antibiotics or added hormones. When we say they’re addictive, we promise we’re not exaggerating. Dogs love Ear Candy™ like moms love clean houses. Like teenagers love angst-y vampire movies. Like Prince loves velvet. They’re great for treats, as an everyday snack, or whenever you need your dog to do something other than drool on your couch for twenty minutes at a clip.

Available Sizes


Product Benefits

One ingredient
Protein rich
Grain Free, free of corn, wheat, soy + rice
No Artificial Preservatives, Flavors, or Colors
Gentle on the Tummy
Supports dental health


100% Cow Ear

Guaranteed Analysis

crude protein (Min.) 83.00%
crude fat (Min.) 4.0%
crude fiber (Max.) 8.0%
moisture (Max.) 5.0%

Daily Feeding Guide

For the safety of your pets, observation is recommended when giving your dog chews.


Teagan K.


Mastiff/Rottweiler Mix

I frequently buy your ear candy for my 100 lb Mastiff Rottweiler mix, Reggie; he LOVES them. They're a great alternative to rawhide ... He tends to eat them pretty fast and I'm glad to hear they are digesting okay and thoroughly. Thanks so much!

Here is Reggie, my 2 year old pride and joy​. He's a rescue Mastiff Rottweiler mix, and we adore him.

Kristina S.


Shiba Inu

This is Trixie. She is a 10 month old Shiba Inu. She loves the ear candy cow ears since they give her a full day of snacking.