In the Raw™

Raw Raw Lamb Boom Ba

“Oh hey, Jeff! Thanks for coming to our barbecue! I’m just throwing some steaks on the grill right now,” said no coyote ever.
Why? Because coyotes, wolves, and any other distant relative of our pal, the domesticated dog, never eat anything cooked or processed. They hunt and forage for their food, then eat it sans flame. Raw Raw Lamb Boom Ba contains the same type of raw, natural ingredients that dogs were meant to eat and enjoy. And you didn’t have to go crossbow hunting in the woods for it. Add water, and boom! Full meal. Be prepared to get lots of high fives. In the leg. With a tail.

Available Sizes

1.5 lb

5.5 lb

Product Benefits

For all stages of life
Real meat first ingredient
Grain Free, free of corn, wheat, soy + rice
No Artificial Preservatives, Flavors, or Colors
Gentle on the Tummy
Real Fruits and Veggies


Lamb, Yellow Split Peas, Sweet Potato, Cabbage, Carrots, Whole Egg, Flaxseed Meal, Banana, Tricalcium-Phosphate, Almond Meal, Spinach, Alfalfa, Kelp, Ginger Root, Salt, Zinc Sulfate, Iron (Ferrous Sulfate), Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin)

Guaranteed Analysis

crude protein (min) 22.0%
crude fat (min) 12.0%
crude fiber (max) 6.0%
moisture (max) 10.0%

CALORIE CONTENT (CALCULATED) ME: (kcal/kg) 3588 (kcal/cup) 351

Daily Feeding Guide

10 lb

1 ⅛ Cups

25 lb

1 ¾ Cups

50 lb

3 ⅜ Cups

75 lb

5 Cups

100 lb

6 ¾ Cups

Above amounts are IN THE RAW food amounts AS PREPARED, to be split between two meals.
Mix 2 cups of warm water for every 1 cup of dry food to taste and let sit for 15 minutes to re-hydrate before serving.

Puppies, pregnant or nursing mothers should eat a little more; senior dogs and overweight dogs should eat a little less.

Keep fresh water available at all times.

Switching your dog's food is easy.

It's important to introduce the new food into your pet's diet gradually. To ensure a happy tummy, we recommend transitioning your pet to “I and love and you” using this easy 10 day schedule.

Current Food"I and love and you"
Day 1–3
"I and love and you"
Day 4–6
"I and love and you"
Day 7–8
"I and love and you"
Day 9–10
"I and love and you"


Lauren C.



I have an Aussie named Rowan who is two years old. She loves all food (you can hand her lint from your pocket and she will eat it and be very excited about it) but out of ALL the brands of dehydrated foods we have tried, "I and love and you" is by far her favorite.

Thank you for all the awesome products, as well as the hilarious product descriptions.

Doug B.



This product saved our mini-Schauzner's life. She suffered for years from pancreatitis, coughing and vomiting nearly every night. We spent a fortune on Hill's Rx food, to no avail. Our daughter-in-law recommended the I&L&Y freeze dried lamb product. It was practically an overnight miracle. Mimi has more energy, is far more alert, and best of all, no more vomiting.

Paige G.

Diego + Sebastian


I have 2 little Schnauzer's that just love the dehydrated lamb meal. Schnauzer's tend to have skin problems. My oldest dog Sebastian has always had irritated skin and he's always been uncomfortable in his own skin for years. After switching his diet to this amazing product he has lost weight, his coat is rich and shiny. His skin lesions have disappeared within 2 months. I tell everyone about your dog food :) thank you so much ♡♡♡

Maggie B.

Lillian (15), Gingersnap (8), & Rickrack (4.5)

Mixed Breed Rescues

This is a photo of Ginger waiting patiently for the 15 or so minutes - life is a struggle around here!!! I feed my girls the In The Raw food which they adore, and it helped my 15 yo Lillian's fur grow back bushy and soft! So glad I stumbled upon your brand!! I tell everyone about it. My dogs chiropractor couldn't believe it!! Thanks so much! Woof from my girls, Maggie B.