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Get Yourself a Free Fanny Pack

Fanny Pack, Waist Pouch, Utility Belt, or our personal favorite, Bum Bag,  you don't care what we call 'em as long as you can call it "yours."

The original hands free accessory is so much more than a baby bjorn for your walkman, Ti83 calculator, and Fruit Stripe Gum. It is THE ultimate dog walking (or dog rollerblading) accessory. And for a limited time this mini backpack for your rear is yours for less than your beanie baby collection is now worth, that's right with every $100 purchase of "I and love and you" we'll give you a fanny pack for nothin', zero, zilch, nada, FREE! 

Just order over $100 of product, add a Fanny Pack to your cart, and use the code FREEFANNY at checkout.


You wouldn't DERRIERE miss this opportunity. Trust your GUT, don't WAIST this opportunity to rock this HIP and very HIND END fashion accessory. BUTT seriously, let us TAIL you, from the BOTTOM of our hearts, the practicality BEHIND this pack.

Top tips for augmenting your athleisure accessory to keep these handy things within hand's reach:

  • Delicious, delicious treats from ILY for your pup, Pez for you
  • Poop bags SO. MANY. POOPBAGS.  Clear out all your coat and pants pockets and put them in this single location. Finally go back to discovering laundered billz in your dryer instead of poop bags.
  • Wet wipes for when your pup is inspired to covertly army crawl through that mud puddle
  • Flashlight in the event you need to signal space ships or Batman, or if your pup is afraid of the dark.

Style tips on pack placement and pairings to prevent any fashion faux PAWS:

Pulling some Rockin' inspiration from a younger Dwayne Johnson we recommend...

  • Pairing with a basic black turtle neck
  • Taking care to accessorize with a bold, chunky gold chain.  
  • Mom jeans... optional
  • The "thumb-hook and lean" not optional