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Flying With a Pet: How to Make Flying with your Furry Friend less Complicated

The holidays are quickly approaching and with them comes the need to travel. As a pet owner, traveling and vacationing with your pet can be tricky, but not impossible. Having your dog with you to relax by the Christmas tree or having your cat join in on the Thanksgiving festivities is always a great treat for everyone. Bringing your pet to your hometown and celebrating the holidays with them will certainly bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eye – regardless of how much your family is stressing you out.

Chances are you’ll fly to your holiday destination and whether it’s to your hometown or to your holiday escape, it’s important you’ve got everything covered, especially with your pet. So, bring your chairs to the upright and locked position and put your tray tables up as we explore the best way to hit the skies with your furry friend.

Unfortunately, flying is not always the most comfortable way of transportation for the furry friend. Long travel times, new smells and even high altitudes can agitate or even cause anxiety for your animal companion. Making things more difficult, airlines now have varying pet policies, ranging from restrictions on how many pets can be on a plane to their size. It’s questions like these that an owner should ask themselves before booking a flight for you and your fur baby.

  • Does the airline allow pets?
  • Are you willing to change airlines or pay more in order to accommodate your pet?
  • Do you have the right equipment for traveling with your pet?
  • Can you travel by car instead?
  • If necessary, are you comfortable with your dog flying in the cargo hold?

If your dog or cat has brachycephalic, also known as that squished and pushed up face, they should probably avoid flying altogether. The higher altitude can make it difficult to breath and, as cute as pugs are, they might not be about that come fly with me lifestyle.

Booking a normal flight for yourself can be easy but booking a flight for your pet can be like a RUN DMC song – It’s Tricky. Reserve your flight online but make sure to contact the airline to ensure your pet can travel with you.

Rehearse with your pet. Slowly introduce your pet to the scents and smells of the airport. This will help make them more comfortable with the chaotic order of the airport. Also make sure to give them a treat as they get used to the space to help reward the good behavior.

Be sure to get your pet familiar with its carrying bag or crate. Leading up to the flight show them the crate and have them grow accustomed to it. If they’re going to be stuck in the crate for a long period of time, then it should at least feel like home.

Traveling with pets can be a difficult, but proper preparations and building good habits prior to the flight can make things a lot less stressful. Even without pets, travel is never completely seamless. However, a vacation or holiday without your fur baby just wouldn’t be the same. Who wants to celebrate while thinking about how much they miss their beloved pet?

We hope you both enjoy the trip and get to your destination with ease. Also, make sure to walk your pet right after the flight since they’ve been holding it in for the entire flight!