Now it's your turn...
what is your confession of love?

Social media feeds have been a sad place lately. Help us fill your feed with love, by confessing your crazy love for your pet on social media.

Story of Love

Share a story about how and why you love your pet. It could be a video confession, a selfie with your bestie, a song, a mural... it's up to you!


Share your confession with the world (don't be shy) on facebook or instagram. Use hashtag #FeedTheLove.


Nominate 3 of your friends to confess their love by tagging them in the post. Let's keep it going and take over our social media feeds with LOVE!

Meals donated so far...

to the National Mill Dog Rescue

1 confession = 1 donation

For every confession posted on facebook or Instagram, "I and love and you" will donate a meal of our pet food to the National Mill Dog Rescue.

Please use #FeedTheLove in your post so we can count the donations.

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