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Where are ILY’s products made?

We at “I and love and you” believe in full transparency. Our products are manufactured in the USA, but we do source some high-quality ingredients from around the world. All our products are produced and packaged in the United States, and the majority of our ingredients are sourced and originate in the US or Canada. We do source some proteins from outside the US or Canada, such as from Australia, Brazil, and New Zealand, as we’re always looking for the highest-quality ingredients we can find. There are ingredients, for instance some essential vitamins and minerals, that simply do not originate in the US. We utilize these vitamins and minerals to meet AAFCO requirements for balanced nutritional needs. However, our vitamins and minerals are blended in the United States by a US company and our supplier undergoes many quality checks to ensure safety.

If you have any questions, our consumer response team is eager to help, so please contact them at:  or  855-ILY-LOVE (459-5683)

Is the “In the Raw” food really raw?

Yes! Our “In the Raw” foods are created using a process called freeze drying, which uses low heat, leaving the ingredients unharmed and raw. The fruits and veggies in our “In the Raw” food are gently dehydrated to around 112 degrees preserving nutrients, naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. With dehydration, the ingredients retain the highest nutritional value and create a fresh, wholesome meal for your pet.

Are “I and love and you” pet foods organic?

No, at this time none of our products are organic. That said, all of our pet food, chews and treats meet our natural standard – made from quality ingredients with no artificial flavors or colors, no artificial preservatives, and no by-product meals.

Are your products grain free?

Yes! All of our food, treats, and chews do not contain grains, corn, or soy!

I can’t find my favorite “I and love and you” product anymore, was it discontinued?

Alas, from time to time we do discontinue some of our products. Please contact us and perhaps we can recommend an alternative:

Is your food human grade?

While our ingredients are very high quality, once they are sourced and shipped to a pet food production facility, they are no longer considered by the USDA to be human grade.

How many calories are in your food?

You can find the calorie count of each of our foods (kibble, dehydrated raw, and cans) on the back label of the product under the Guaranteed Analysis, or by visiting the product pages on our website.

My pet loves your food; I love coupons! Do you have any available?

From time to time we offer digital coupons on our website, Facebook page, and in our monthly newsletter. Give us a like at: and sign up for our awesome newsletter so you’ll be the first to know when a coupon is available (we’ll always protect your privacy, pinky swear!):

I want my pet to eat “I and love and you” – where can I find your food?

Please check out our nifty product locator for assistance in finding the awesome retailers near you who sells our delicious products. Still need more help? Email us at

My pet likes his “In the Raw” food to be extra soupy. Is it ok to add more/less water?

Yes. You can adjust the water amount to the desired consistency for your pet. Some pets like it extra soupy like a stew, while others like it thick and chunky like Thanksgiving Day stuffing, and sometimes your pet just likes to keep you guessing, so mix it up and see which way they prefer.

How do you get the stink out of the No Stink Free Ranger Bully Stix?

The No Stink Free Ranger Stix are dried longer than the regular Free Ranger Stix to reduce moisture content, and reduce scent.

I want to switch to a new “I and love and you” food but I’m worried about my pet. What is the proper way to transition?

Please transition slowly when switching your pet’s food. Your pet is used to processing a certain type of food, and when a new one is introduced, especially a fresh, raw or less processed food, it can be a bit of a shock to their system. Determine your pet’s normal daily portions and start with 90% of your pet’s current food and just 10% “I and love and you” food. Gradually up the ratio to 80% old food and 20% “I and love and you” food, slowly increasing “I and love and you” food and decreasing the old food. If you notice loose stools make the transition even slower. We know it can be tough for the first few days, but we promise your pet will thank you!

Are your cans BPA Free?

Currently, our 3oz aluminum cat cans are BPA free. Our 13oz steel dog cans are BPA non-intent. Since BPA is common in the natural environment, very small trace amounts could be detected in “non-BPA” materials. “BPA non-intent” means that BPA is not intentionally added to the packaging, but very small trace amounts from the environment may still be present.

Do you test your food on animals?

“I and love and you” does not participate in any invasive animal testing. We do, however, work with reputable kennels to feed test new innovation for palatability and digestibility, all in the best interest of your pet. Our own pets happily participate in these taste tests, as well.

Are your products all natural?

Yes, “I and love and you” products are free of artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors.