The Office Dogs
Of "I and love and you"


Recycling Master
We are from eco-friendly Boulder, Colorado, and no one is more proud to tell you that than our office Corgi, Max. He is also known to humbly brag about the red wiggler worms in his compost pile, the kale salad he is making for the potluck on Sunday, and the immaculate organization of his recycling bins. Max is the Recycling Master, and he has his eye on you while your print that entire Powerpoint presentation...


Official Timekeeper
There's always someone in your office with a better place to be. At "I and love and you", that is Desi. When 4:45 rolls around, you start hearing the sounds of applications closing on her computer and an incessant whining until she is out the door. Who can blame her though? We work to live our best lives, going on walks out of the office!


Security Guard
Sometimes the name you give your dog is not the one that sticks. Few people would know that our office Westie's real name is Angus. He is more commonly known as Gus, or some variation of that name as given by his human friends.


Arf Director
When you are the Arf Director at a 5-star rated pet food brand, there is a lot (of kibble) on your plate. Her day to day demands for a walk are sometimes seen as passive aggressive as she stares into your soul, but this good girl deserves it.