We at “I and love and you” are the first to admit we’re super chatty. We love all methods of communication. Ohhh. Except via carrier pigeon. Ours wasn’t really working out for us. He kept getting distracted by discarded french fries on the side of the road.

But yes! We’re real (fun) people, and we’d love to talk to you—about any questions you may have, about taking care of those furry animals that live with you. Pets are kind of our thing, and since cats and dogs aren’t fluent in human-speak, we like to work extra hard to figure out just what they need. Sometimes it’s just extra Omega 3s. Sometimes it’s a tax-free shopping tour of Dubai. Sometimes it’s twenty-inch rims on the family Subaru. You. just. never. know.

Call us! Email us! Facebook us! Invite us to your kid’s birthday party! (Bob in Accounting is particularly skilled at playing Pin the Tail on the Brontosaurus.)

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