Pet Food By Pet Parents

We make this food because we love our pets, 

just as much as you do.

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"I and love and you" food for your BFF.

Dreamed up in Boulder, CO

by some passionate pet parents who want their pets to eat as healthy as they do.

Never any fillers: no corn, wheat, soy, or rice.

Nothing Scary.


It's okay. We're use to that. In fact, Joe in Operations now hands out towels just before lunchtime to wipe up the drool when our office pups watch the preparation of their bowl of Baked & Saucy. It's our new kibble with a bone broth coating. Just add water to create a delicious gravy that has tongues hanging out all around.

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Purity Award

The Clean Label Project™ Certification Program provides consumers assurance of ingredient purity. In 2019, "I and love and you" was recognized as a pet food manufacturer that qualifies for the CLP's standards for pure ingredients. No more worries about what is in your pet food, CLP has done the investigative work for you.

Made with Love
and natural, healthy, premium grain-free ingredients.

I And Love And You Pet Food Healthy Skin

Skin and Coat

Hello, darlings, I am ready for my close-up! Omegas 3 + 6 from superfood ingredients like flaxseeds & fish oils can help enhance a soft coat and encourage healthy skin. Pretty neat, right? Suddenly, we’re just a little studio lighting and a couple of oscillating fans away from a fashion shoot.

I And Love And You Pet Food Healthy Tummies

Tummy Support

Tummy aches are a total bummer, so all of our kibbles are packed with prebiotics and probiotics. They’re known to help digestion issues such as bad breath, rumbling tummies, loose stools, or gas. We’ll trade in some tummy troubles for tummy rubs, pls. Extra Rumbly Tummy? Try our NUDE FOOD which contains added digestive enzymes, too!

No fillers

No Fillers. Ever.

The unfortunate fact of pet food is that a lot of it is packed with fillers like white potatoes and corn. These ingredients bulk up the weight of the bags and are good for profit margins, but deliver little nutritional value to your pet. There are no fillers in "I and love and you" products, just ingredients to help your pet live a happy and healthy life.


While fillers might be good for the bottom line, they're not so good for your pets bottom, and they're a lot more important to us. That's why we hand pick every ingredient and formulate all our products with top PhD pet nutritionists and then get each approved by Dr. Angie Krause, our holistic vet located right here in Boulder, Colorado. 

Dr. Angie Krause, DVM, CVA, CCRT (that was a lot of acronyms), is a western trained veterinarian, whose goal is to improve the health and longevity of dogs and cats with holistic medicine. Her mission is to empower pet owners to become medical advocates for their pets. You can learn more about her here.

Ellie Pet


We get that question so often that we decided to create a video about it. Click below to hear our story.

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