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Pet Photography Tips with Loki + Framebridge®

Loki's humans chime in our how to get the perfect photos of your pets! Plus, an Instagram giveaway with Framebridge®.

We asked everyone's favorite adventuring Wolfdog, @loki, to share a few tips how to take photos to help your pet become instagram's next star! Also, keep reading to learn about a giveaway we're having with Loki and Framebridge®.

Pet Picture Taking Tips from Loki

  1. Try to shoot from their level/height more than yours. You’ll get a more accurate portrait of your fuzzy one this way.
  2. Have plenty of ILY snacks on hand to capture their attention to look at the camera.
  3. Always keep your lens clean and have extra cleaning cloths - the mouse likes to do drive by kisses on the camera
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  4. Find the right camera and lens combo for your lifestyle and the photos you want to take, I love using wide angle lenses so you can get extra close!

  5. Keep in mind your composition with taking snaps of your best buddy; keep them the focal point in the frame!


While we love seeing a whole bunch of pet pics coming through your feed, why not frame some of them? We used Framebridge to upload photos and get them custom framed (you could also mail-in a vintage snapshot of your family pooch!). They’ll ship everything to you in a matter of days so be sure to give your pet a heads up about the package on the doorstep.

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We are giving away a Wolves in the Wild Presets package for Lightroom from loki so can edit your pet's next Tinder headshot! Plus, a framed 5x7 print from Framebridge® of your favorite pet photo! And don't forget the treats! "I and love and you" will be giving away $200 worth of food and treats for your furry super model! Check out our Instagram post Wednesday April 3rd for entry details.