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Some Heroes Wear Collars

We know #SomeHeroesWearCollars too, so tell us why your pet is your hero - maybe your furry friend has made a difference in your life, a friend, family member, stranger (or another pet’s life). Maybe they’re the go-to therapy pup at the office (or at school), brought excitement back into your other pet’s life, or they made sure you went on a walk every day helping you achieve your fitness goals!

Finalists have been chosen and voting is now open. Cast you vote below!

Here is what these heroes could win!

Ten Finalists

    • A full month of “I and love and you” food & treats

    One Grand Prize winner

    • One-year supply of “I and love and you” food & treats
    • A donation to a rescue or charity of choice

    Contest ends July 26th, 2019 at 12PM MT


    Katherine Walters

    My 7 y/o pup has woken me up several times when my blood sugar has dropped which has literally saved my life (I have been type 1 diabetic over 30 years) and he never leaves my side when my sugar is too low, he isn’t a trained service dog, he just knows me well and knows when something is wrong :)