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We’ve always been animal lovers but not necessarily get-three-puppies-on-the-same-day type of people. We found Paris, our Dalmatian, and realized she’s hearing impaired. We decided to adopt two bigger brothers to be her companions. The Tebow Pack bring us so much joy and laughter. Tim and I regularly find ourselves entertained and laughing out loud just watching them play together. Home is wherever The Tebow Pack is. Paris is the daddy’s girl and Chunk the mama’s boy - rarely further than six ft away from his mommy. Kobe is equally loving to everyone, but his relationship with the swimming pool is undoubtedly his favorite no matter the weather. Discipline and good household manners are very important to both of us therefore we both focus on being consistent with our no’s and yes’s. It’s so special to identify unique personality traits of each member of the pack and what great siblings they are. Even more so to witness their unconditional love and loyalty for us each other.